Good day, dear readers and lady readerettes! May I say, we are very pleased to see so many of you people here at an International Fust™ website. On behalf of the Fust™ I would like to welcome you all to this historic web-log and invite you to take this opportunity to soak in the unique atmosphere and surroundings of this splendid online desmesne before commencing the tour.

The International Fust™ was established over 9000 years ago to protect and preseve the histrionics and hysteria of a certain historical property in a certain undisclosed historical location.

The Fust has begun this “web-log”, as they say, in order to illuminate readers about the work of Tour Guides in an International Fust property. We Trust (wink, wink) that it will be as educational, informed and excellent as everything else the Fust undertakes. Which, as I’m sure you know, means you are in for quite, uh…Quite.

Anyway! We are now nearly at the end of our final paragraph, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for visiting this website today. If any of you are considering commenting or linking to The International Fust™, than please do. Guests are wonderful, but truly, it’s the commitment of dedicated commentators like you that help make the Fust what it is, and keep it alive for future generations to enjoy.

With that, I will wish you all a very good day and happy browsing. The tea room is located downstairs and to your left – do feel free to take advantage of Mrs. Cinnamon’s lovely buns and baps – I’m told they’re tremendous with fresh cream.

Once again, I will offer you a final thank you for visiting and we do look forward to seeing you all again very soon!

Your Guide,


~Histrionics and Hysterics Forever, For Everyone™~