Well, the Spring/Summer months have rolled around once again – daffodils are blooming, bunnies are breeding, the sun is peeking out fom behind her cloudy blankets more and more each day, and just up the road from the town, behind the black wrought iron gates, the old house at the top of the hill is (against all reason and good advice) pulling back its shutters and unbolting its door to yet another season of visitors and drama.

Yes dear reader, that is right. Sprongholl House* is open to the public once more, and with a whole new set of sacrificial lambs trainee tour guides to enliven your visit. They are, as always, an attractive and intelligent bunch brimming with confidence and youthful exuberance, but don’t let that put you off – their training isn’t over yet.

Your Guide,


~Histrionics and Hysterics Forever, For Everyone™~

*I om o moster ot dosguosing idontoty